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Industrial IT System 800xA Production Management provides extended manufacturing execution

ABB's enhanced System 800xA Production Management software suite includes production management and optimization tools to provide the agility, speed, and control needed to respond to increasing production demands by modeling, executing, and tracking information associated with material and control flow across the plant. This helps to improve overall batch production profitability, consistency and traceability. 800xA Manufacturing Management modules (inventory, quality, operations, and weigh and dispense management) combined with 800xA Batch and Information Management, complete System 800xA's MES (Manufacturing Execution System) functions. The 800xA Production Management suite automates, monitors, controls, and documents cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliance of the manufacturing processes. This helps customers to achieve operational excellence in real-time manufacturing execution, quality, and performance management.

System 800xA Manufacturing Management provides real-time tracking of materials throughout the warehouse, laboratories, and production areas tightly integrated within System 800xA. Lot maintenance and lot history (forward / backward tracking) displays are readily available from Process Portal. Inventory transactions (for example, move, consume, create, requisition, etc.) are completely integrated with execution of manual and / or automated procedures.

The quality management module of 800xA Manufacturing Management allows the user to define sampling plans for materials and "controls" or rules that govern material, equipment and location usage. Due to the controlled execution of the batch and the enforcement of quality controls, only the "exceptions" that occur during manufacturing execution must be reviewed prior to final closure.

Intelligent Forms provide operators with information when performing manual steps within a procedure. They also provide operator data entry of material IDs (barcode scan) as well as electronic signatures. System 800xA Batch Management provides unsurpassed functionality in recipe management, batch and procedural control, safety and security. By reducing lifecycle costs and production downtime, 800xA Batch Management helps customers achieve and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. System 800xA employs a single, system-wide equipment model. Units, equipment modules and all other resources are all configured within the same model. This makes adding or "cloning" a new process unit as simple as copy and paste. System 800xA is the only system that can use the new unit without having to modify existing recipes, dramatically reducing engineering and deployment time from a matter of days to a matter of minutes.

Unique on-line recipe editing capability provides unmatched flexibility during batch execution. Without stopping the batch, the user can modify parameters, sequence, and equipment assignments. All changes made to running control recipes are automatically saved in the batch production record. The reduced batch production cycle time leads to more saved batches, ultimately improving overall efficiency and profitability.

Anyone can run a batch to a pre-configured recipe under normal conditions. Only System 800xA provides exception procedures that extend beyond the procedure model of S88. These procedures provide the ability to configure error-handling logic within the recipe, which greatly simplifies logic configuration for handling production specific abnormal conditions. Flexible equipment management supports network, multi-path and single path equipment configurations. 800xA Batch Management reserves and allocates equipment and other resources at run-time based on batch priority. Scheduling recipes is made easy based on master recipe procedures and formulation data specified by the BOM (Bill-of-Materials). The user can either preselect equipment at schedule time or dynamically select it at run-time based on current status.

For manufacturing processes subject to licensing by regulatory bodies such as FDA, MHRA and TGA, System 800xA provides the tools needed to achieve compliance. Security, audit trail, change management, electronic signature, automated reporting, archival and retrieval are integral to all operations and system applications. 800xA Batch Management enforces the production sequences necessary to consistently manufacture on-spec product. System 800xA Information Management saves all execution data in a single Production Data Log (PDL); as all MES functions have been seamlessly integrated into the common architecture of System 800xA. The Production Management suite of System 800xA gathers data from multiple disparate sources to assemble the complete EBR (Electronic Batch Record), eliminating the need for the
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