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High-Performance Hydraulic Filters for Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil Systems

Partial flow filters, high-pressure filters, return flow filters or spin-on filters: STAUFF® provides manufacturers and sellers of hydraulic and lubricating oil installations with such a wide assortment that the choice could prove difficult. However, as a result of their far-reaching experience in the field of hydraulic media filtration, and based on a comprehensive product portfolio, STAUFF® engineers are competent to provide customers with concrete recommendations as regards the filter design, filter size and filter medium for specific applications. At the Hanover Trade Fair 2005, STAUFF® will be presenting a selection from their wide range of products that not only stands out as a result of unique variety, but also due to their globally active supply logistics.

The partial flow filter system group is divided into bypass and offline filters. Both types remove not only dirt particles but also water from the hydraulic system, thus increasing the lifetime of the hydraulic oil. Bypass filters are used primarily in mobile machines and for a nominal flow rate of 2.1 l/min and 4.2 l/min and can be equipped with a separate heating system. Because the filter gauge is less than 1 µm, filters with this comparatively low flow rate and the resulting extremely low power draw are suitable for systems with a volume of up to 1,500 l. Offline filters are additionally equipped with their own integrated motor pump unit and are consequently suitable for stationary applications. The sizes cover a wide range of system volumes from 1,000 l up to 11,000 l.

High-pressure filters are used for system pressure up to 420 bar and nominal flow rates up to 1,320 l/min; return flow filters are designed as tank-mounted filters with nominal flow rates of up to 500 l/min. The practical design allows quick asse mbly and simple replacement of elements. There is an enormous range of filter elements on offer including versions with visual and electronic displays for indicating the dirt level.

Spin-on filters are in frequent use, particularly in mobile machinery, and constitute an important element of the STAUFF® range of filters. The various types comply with European and American standards. Like the other products, these are also available with a variety of connections, filter heads, filter media and sealing materials – for nominal flow rates of up to 460 l/min.

Besides a comprehensive product portfolio, STAUFF® also provides manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic systems with proficient engineering services as early as during the concept phase of a new hydraulic system. In addition to extensive competence in the fields of hydraulics and filtration technology, the company offers far-reaching, application-related know-how. After all, STAUFF® have achieved a very strong position in the after-market business for many years now. More than 10,000 different filter elements are available; a nd efficient elements from their own development and production can be supplied for practically every filter casing.
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