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Transparent and yet stable

The ability to see through locked doors supports secure logistical processes. For example, fork lift truck accidents can be avoided if the driver can see "behind" the door in advance. Albany presented a transparent high-performance rolling door at the 2005 Hanover Trade Fair – the new Rapid Roll 3000 L. The transparent, light option can be used both inside and as the final external door. The door plating, which is made of alternate aluminium plates and transparent segments, catches the eye. Albany Door Systems has managed to combine high stability with large transparent areas. In addition, this combination produces a low weight for the door leaf.
As with all the members of the Rapid Roll 3000 family the newest development is also based on the trusted disc-drive technology with its particularly low-noise, low-wear winding mechanics. This provides contact-free winding of the plates, which produces low vibration and quiet vertical door operation. The combination of plates with flexible high-performance pulling elements – there are no hinges – also provides a high level of robustness and reliability. The movable connection substantially reduces start-up damage to the mount, as frequently occurs in practice. This guarantees virtually wear-free long-term operation and long maintenance intervals.
With a maximum opening speed of 2.5 m/s, the Rapid Roll 3000 L meets the requirements for doors that are in very frequent use. The attractive appearance is provided by colour design options for the sides, which are available in virtually all RAL colours. The high-performance rolling door meets the common industrial standards and the European construction product directive. It is also wind-resistant to EN 12424, Class 3, and stands up to all kinds of weather. It can be delivered with dimensions of up to 5 x 5 m from mid-2005.
Albany Door Systems places particular value on the safety of its doors and their users. Therefore, the Rapid Roll 3000 L comes equipped with a patented, contact-free, forward-moving light barrier on the main closing edge. If broken, the closing process on the door is stopped immediately and the door moves in the opposite direction. In addition, a stationary light barrier approximately 300 mm from the ground provides additional protection.

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