04/14/2005 • Access control and clocking • Building Security

Advanced access control: Identification reader: INTUS 400

Advanced access control should fit in discreetly and inconspicuously with a building’s architecture and interior design. RFID access readers that register company ID cards or chips presented to them are usually installed next to the door frame. That’s the right spot for INTUS 400 as well – PCS’s new identification reader which can be integrated with many switch product ranges from leading manufacturers and gives architects new creative leeway in interior design. PCS access control blends in perfectly with popular switch designs and makes access control an integral part of a building’s installations – much to the contentment of owners, planners and installers.

INTUS 400 is available for 30 plus different switch product ranges from eight leading manufacturers including Busch-Jaeger, Berker, Jung, and Gira. INTUS 400 features Mifare or Legic RFID technology, discreet but distinctive LED signaling in three colors (blue, red, green), and an integrated vandalism contact. It can be connected to PCS ACM access managers and PCS terminals via the PCS LBus® over distances of up to 200 m.

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