10/14/2005 • Metrology • Process automation / MSR technology

UWT vibration level limit switch „Vibrasil“ for level detection in Silica Acids

A specially demanding task concerning the sensitivity of measuring equipment, is level detection in silica acids. The material changes its density very much according to how it is handled. The density of around 500 g/l when in a passive state can easily turn to less than 5 g/l when operated, e.g. during metering, pneumatic conveyance, emptying of containers etc. - the surface of the silica acid can suddenly resemble a seething cloud.

The new electronic module developed by UWT is so sensitive that the material is detected absolutely reliably, in spite of the very low dampening effect caused by the silica acid on the vibrating fingers of the probe. An immediate output of the level limit signal is guaranteed.

From the well proven VIBRANIVO model range of units UWT is offering two additional models: the Vibrasil70 and Vibrasil90, which are also available with PFA-coated oscillator, depending on the area of application.
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