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Fujifilm enters the nucleic acid market

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. has entered the global market for nucleic acid-extraction with a product launch that nucleic acid researchers have greeted with excitement. QuickGene-810 consists of a very compact, space-saving table-top device and matching kits for isolating DNA and RNA. Using this innovative system, DNA can be obtained from whole blood in just 6 minutes. The extraction is convincingly simple and convenient: the user selects a program and then starts the device. Higher yields can be achieved compared to the traditional methods. Moreover, the DNA so obtained is much purer than with previous methods, which can be a decisive factor for use in downstram applications. But it is not just DNA extraction that is faster and better; the more demanding RNA extraction also becomes faster and more convenient to perform with QuickGene-810.

The key technology that distinguishes QuickGene-810 from comparable products essentially is a new type of porous membrane patented by Fujifilm, which selectively binds nucleic acids – centrifugation then becomes superfluous. The extremely thin membrane keeps impurities low; uniformly fine pores and the large binding surface ensure high yield. These specific membrane properties finally allow a selective elution of the nucleic acids. QuickGene-810 currently includes kits for obtaining DNA from whole blood, DNA from tissue and RNA from culture cells. Systems for other applications are under development. QuickGene 810 will be available from April 2005 and distributed throughout Europe via Fuji Photo Film (Europe) GmbH.

Facts and figures:

Automated nucleic-acid isolation system: QuickGene-810

Isolation kits:
  • QuickGene DNA whole blood kit S (for 96 samples)
  • QuickGene RNA cultured cell kit S (for 96 samples)
  • QuickGene DNA tissue kit S (for 96 samples)
  • QuickGene RNA tissue kit S (for 96 samples)
  • QuickGene Plasmid kit S (for 96 samples)
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