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Process systems for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Process systems for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Büchi «chemreactors» in Glass/Glass lined steel for Pilot plants, and glass overheads for AE tanks for production facilities. We offer turn-key solutions using cutting edge technology for planning, production and installation.

The unique «büchiflex» glass process connection is the basis of our modular system of components. It offers excellent vacuum tightness an operator safety -- fast and simple installation and maintenance
  • Büchi «chemreactors» from 15 to 250 liter for pilot plants
  • Distillation- Glass overheads for AE vessels for production
  • SiC heat exchangers
  • CE conformity (PED/ATEX)
  • GMP design
Pressure reactors in glass, stainless steel, Hastelloy C22, Titanium, Tantallum, as well as turn-key systems for hydrogenations complete our product range.

The modular concept is the key feature of Büchi pressure reactors. It allows the use of reactor vessels made of different materials (Glass, stainless steel, Hastelloy C22, Titanium, Tantallum) and pressures depending on the application. Our magnetic couplings (ATEX) offer safe operation and high reliability. In combination with our bpc controller it is the turn-key solution for accurate reproducible hydrogenations.
  • Pressure reactors from 10 ml to 100 liter, up to 60 bar, 250°C
  • High pressure reactors up to 350 bar, 350 °C
  • Distillation overheads for pressure (metal) or vacuum (glass)
  • Büchi pressflow gass controller for safe and reproducible hydrogenations
  • CE conformity (PED/ATEX)
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