03/04/2005 • Machine safety, industrial safety • Sensor Technology

New W 190 Laser series of photoelectric switches

Externally uniform, but internally with differing sensor technology adapted for meeting application requirements: this is the new W 190 Laser. The W190 Laser Standard series is designed for "uncritical" applications, while the W190 Laser High Grade series provides maximum accuracy and resolution and is intended for demanding applications.

The W190 Laser Standard series

The W 190 Laser Standard series is a complete family of photoelectric switches consisting of through-beam and reflex photoelectric switches, as well as proximity switches with adjustable background suppression, whose basic features and functions are designed for solving common applications. Sensor adjustment takes place conventionally via the potentiometer, and the switching mode is determined via a rotary selection dial. They are reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective sensors.

The W190 Laser High Grade series: application-oriented, ideal for demanding applications

The WTB 190 TL scanner offers very high resolution as a result of its CMOS technology, allowing reliable detection of objects with highly reflective surfaces, such as foils. The scanner can be programmed with background or foreground suppression. The WLG190 T glass photoelectric switch is designed for the reliable detection of transparent objects, such as glass bottles, or flat objects such as discs – whether thin-walled PET plastics or transparent foils, the WLG190 T makes even the almost invisible visible.

Teach-in programming at the press of a button or externally via a cable allows simple definition of scanning distances and ranges. The switching mode can be programmed or a time delay can be activated, if necessary for the application. Menu navigation takes place on an easily visible numerical display.

Different inside, but with standardised interfaces on the outside

As distinctive as the interiors of the individual W 190 L sensors can be, they are all similar on the outside. The rotatable M8 plug or 2 m cable are just as much device standards as the yellow and green LED display, providing practical assistance during commissioning or operation. The uniform compact plastic housing made of ABS allows use of the device even under difficult conditions. All the sensors have a red-light laser in Protection Class 2, so they can be rapidly and accurately aligned on the target object.

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