08/25/2005 • Medical tech

Anaesthesia Workstation Completed

Dräger Medical AG & Co. KGaA has taken another step toward perfecting the anaesthesia workstation. With IVenus, a system for the application of intravenous drugs, anaesthesia workstations can be completed in such a way that all current anaesthesia drugs can be administered, from balanced anaesthesia to total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA). The system has been developed in close cooperation with Fresenius Vial, a leading European company in the field of infusion therapy.

IVenus consists of an admission station and up to four DPS syringe pump modules. It is already integrated into the Zeus anaesthesia system, and power is supplied and data exchanged by means of a single cable. The user controls and monitors the administration of the intravenous drugs (with IVenus) and the delivery of the anaesthetic from the Zeus system monitor directly. Other anaesthesia solutions from Dräger Medical, such as Primus, already have integrated power supply interfaces for IVenus. Mechanical integration is also available.

According to Prof. J. Motsch, M.D., CA Anaesthesia, University of Heidelberg, the advantages of intravenous anaesthesia are a reduction in postoperative side effects, as well as more precise control of recovery times, which leads to significantly lower process costs. Prof. A. Hoeft, M.D., CA Anaesthesia University of Bonn, suggests that the application of TIVA will increase about 70% by 2010.

Now Zeus also offers the comfort of integrated anaesthesia effect monitoring, in which the effects of sedation on the patient's brain are measured and monitored by the Infinity BISx SmartPod using the latest BIS XP technology, and the patient's muscle relaxation levels are monitored by the Infinity Trident Pod, which measures neuromuscular transmission. The pods can also be used with the Infinity Delta, Delta XL and Kappa patient monitors.
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