12/14/2004 • Automation • Drive Tech • Industrial technology, services

Phytron now strong in small Servos

Phytron-Elektronik is well-known as a manufacturer of high precision stepper motors and controllers. Now Phytron has extended their range of products with 3-phase servo motors of the series PSM together with the associated driver CSD.
The PSM servo motors are brushless permanently excited 3-phase synchronous motors with built-in resolver.

The motors are available in sizes 25, 37 and 55 with
torques from 0.03 Nm to 0.9 Nm and rated speeds to 4000 rpm. Optionally the motors can be delivered with brakes and gearboxes. With the introduction of this series of compact servo motors Phytron follows the trend of miniaturisation not only with stepper motors but with servo motors also. Now
Phytron can offer solutions for many applications in the industry with small stepper motors, small servo motors or with both.

Typical applications for such “mixed drives” can be found for example in packaging or labelling machines, in material handling systems or in the food and beverage industry.
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