10/01/2004 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Fluke Expands Test and Measurement Line with High Performance Thermal Imager

Fluke Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, has added the Raytek ThermoView Ti30 Thermal Imager to its product line as the Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager. Raytek, a Fluke company and the market leader in non-contact infrared thermometry, designed the device as an affordable, fully radiometric thermal imager to support preventive and predictive maintenance.

According to Lisa L. Brown, Fluke Thermography Business Unit Director, the Ti30 thermal imager is a significant addition to the Fluke product line. “Thermography is highly complementary to the industrial and commercial electrical business that is the core market for Fluke,” said Ms. Brown. “Moving the Raytek ThermoView Ti30 Thermal Imager into the Fluke line brings together the best resources of both companies, and provides a more comprehensive and attractive product portfolio to meet the full test and measurement needs of our customers worldwide.”

The Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager is specifically intended for infrared preventive and predictive maintenance (PPM) at industrial and large commercial property sites. Infrared thermography is invaluable to any PPM program because a radiometric, thermal image shows absolute temperatures across a full, two-dimensional picture, making problem identification faster and more effective than with a spot thermometer, for example.

The Ti30 imager allows maintenance organizations to conduct equipment inspections on their own schedule, using in-house staff familiar with the facility and potential trouble spots. Combining a front line technician’s knowledge with thermal imaging technology provides a powerful solution to identify problems before they cause failure.

Fast and easy inspection routing
The Ti30 imager is the only infrared imaging camera currently available on the market that fully supports thermography inspection routing—key to effective predictive maintenance. The maintenance technician plans an equipment inspection route, performs a first inspection, loads the results into the software, and labels them with identifying names, locations and parameters. The technician, or one of his team members, follows easy, on-camera instructions during subsequent inspections.
New images are compared to previous scans of the same equipment using the
Fluke InsideIR PC software, alerting users of maintenance issues.

The Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager is uniquely designed to allow adjustment of critical parameters, such as emissivity, level, gain and palette, either in the field or subsequently in the software. In the field, operation can be as simple as pointing the camera at the identified equipment, focusing, and taking the image. This enables the person responsible for thermography in the plant to manage a much broader inspection program—this specialist creates inspection routes and assigns less-experienced.

Fluke Expands Test and Measurement Line with High Performance Thermal Imager mechanics and technicians to conduct periodic imaging. Back in the office, he can then make adjustments as needed in the software to analyze the results and create maintenance work orders.

Complete imaging solution
The Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager is easy to learn and use, and has enough battery life (five hours minimum) and storage capacity (up to 100 images) for a full day of uninterrupted inspections. The package comes complete with the thermal imaging camera; all necessary accessories; unlimited-use InsideIR storage, analysis and reporting software; and two days of professional thermography training.

Lowest ownership cost
A low purchase price including unlimited use software and training, free periodic upgrades, plus affordable service and calibration, give the Fluke Ti30 Thermal Imager
a low total cost of ownership.
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