06/22/2005 • Sensor Technology

Ultra-miniaturized sensors for small tensile and compression forces

Kistler's new Type 9215 piezoelectric force sensor for tensile and compression forces ranging down to a few millinewtons is exceptionally compact. With a front external diameter of only 5 mm, the Type 9215 is the smallest sensor in its class. It serves to complete the range of Type 9203/9205/9207 force sensors with an external diameter of 10 mm.

The Type 9215 comes in a housing with M5 x 0,5 external thread. This is a very robust sensor, offering extremely high rigidity against lateral forces and a measuring range from –20 ... 200 N with two calibrated measuring ranges (100 %, 10 %). The force is introduced through an M2 threaded hole at the front end.

The tiny size of this sensor makes it ideally suited for use in constricted spaces. It facilitates the product testing of switches, push buttons, connectors and springs as well as serving the purpose of highly sensitive force measurement in research and development and, for example, in micromanipulators.

Thanks to the Type 9215, miniature measuring platforms and sensor arrays can be reduced to a grid spacing of 7,5 mm. This permits the testing of mobile phone key pads, for example, to be carried out in just one test station.
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