08/19/2004 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

Video-based cordless scanner location system.

Matching the picture with the barcode data – by automatic cordless scanner location.
System automatically matches the scanned data with the relevant camera picture and stores both together. Efficient picture search by barcode, continuous tracking of product flows. Prevents fraud and mistakes!

Reduced insurance costs and claims – With continuous tracking, investigations
- Reveal unjustified and fraudulent claims.
- Ensure the guilty party pays for any loss or damage.
- Minimise shipment losses and rectification costs.

Very cost-efficient.
- Use your existing cordless scanners.
- Use the CCTV system for out-of-hours security too.

Efficiency and quality – that’s GEUTEBRÜCK.

Independent, visual documentation – thanks to GEUTEBRÜCK's automatic cordless scanner location. Operates in real time. Secure against manipulation.

- Find pictures in seconds using the barcode.
- Just scan goods, no need to scan location code.

Centralised image analysis with top quality pictures – Networked picture transmission (LAN/WAN) for digital images with the detail you need – wherever, whenever and however often you need them.

Flexible adjustment to changed processes – even in the event of chaotic unloading or sudden changes to loading and unloading zones.

Happy customers mean more business!

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty – fewer losses and short shipments, fewer delays.

New customers – are easier to win with a reliable, efficient service, and low claims figures to prove it!

Specialist industry solutions are an intrinsic part of our business. There is useful information on our logistics solutions. Have a look at www.geutebrueck.com

GEUTEBRÜCK likes to get to know its customers, so besides disseminating information at exhibitions, it also offers opportunities for specialist information exchange in less usual venues such as the AOL Arena in Hamburg. You can find us at: www.geutebrueck.com

Video security that pays off.

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