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Solenoid Control Module Can Enhance Valve Performance

The newly designed CoolCube solenoid control module produced by Bio-Chem Valve for Omnifit enables OEM instrument designers to place an overdrive voltage on a solenoid valve, which can decrease valve response time, increase operating pressure, and allow the use of larger tubing in pinch valves. It also provides a “hit and hold” circuit without producing excessive, coil-generated heat, or consuming excessive power. The CoolCube automatically drops the voltage to 1/3 of the input voltage after 110 milliseconds permitting an overdrive voltage on a solenoid valve without any impairment. This means, for example, that a solenoid valve rated for 12V DC can be energised with a voltage of 24V DC. As a result, with some valve adjustments, a valve’s response time can be decreased by up to 60%, operating pressure and valve flow can be raised, and valve stroke can be increased to permit use of larger tubing with the same basic pinch valve design.
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