11/25/2005 • Video security and monitoring

Digital Recorder with MultiMode Recording: DS2

The New Digital Sprite 2 provides true flexibility for professional CCTV security solutions. An intuitive interface allows easy local user operation whilst IP connectivity provides remote monitoring and system configuration via Dedicated Micros ‘NetVu Connected’ software. High quality recordings are accessible locally to the user at the touch of a button or via powerful GOTO and event recall facilities. Remote operators can utilise the latest MPEG-4 compression technology to view images via NetVu ObserVer or embedded DVIP Decoders.
NEW – MultiMode Recording. MultiMode recording gives you the ability to set different record rates, resolutions and compression algorithms across scheduled, normal and alarm modes. Up to 24 MultiMode Recording profiles can be set per unit, giving you the flexibility to adjust resolution (QCIF to 4CIF), record rates and compression settings (MPEG-4/JPEG) dynamically on individual cameras and across the whole unit.
The DS2 includes built-in co-axial & twisted pair telemetry to enhance the range of DS2 applications. Variable alarm configuration allows remote notification of alarms from any single DS2 through a variety of communication channels. Pre-event alarm recording ensures images are captured before the incident occurs whilst on-site communication can be maintained through high quality bi-directional audio. A built in DVD-R writer provides a quick and easy way of copying key events to DVD or CD on-site while FTP archiving allows evidence transfer over the network, automatically or on demand.
The DS2 provides a self-contained local security solution whilst ensuring that the requirements of remote 24 hour surveillance are met through Dedicated Micros professional ‘NetVu Connected’ solution deployed over new or existing IP enabled networks.

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