03/26/2004 • Image processing / Optical metrology • Microscopy / Imaging

....don't miss a detail with 33.5fps a full (1600x1200pixel) resolution

The pco.1600 CCD camera system records images with its high resolution of 1600x1200pixel at 33.5 fps (frames per second) in 14bit dynamics. It is cooled with a maximum temperature difference of 50°C versus ambient temperature. The camera system has up to 4GB image memory in the camera (camRAM). At 160MB/s the data are transferred into the camRAM, therefore hardly anything is missed. Even if the exact moment of the event is not known, the camera can be operated in ring buffer mode and recording can be stopped when the event happened, having preserved the history. The camera is connected to a PC via standard interfaces (IEEE1394, camera link, USB2.0, gigabit ethernet).
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