06/01/2018 • Machine safety, industrial safety

SAFE Tank Control

Walk-in Storage Container for Hazardous Substances

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Safe Tank Control is a storage container for hazardous substances with a standard built-in system for the early detection of explosion hazards. By continuously measuring gas concentrations, the system is able to keep workers alert to any dangers. Counter-measures are automatically activated to lower gas concentrations or eliminate sources of ignition.

In addition to increasing safety, a significant reduction in operating costs is achieved, especially when compared to other insulated and heated hazardous material containers. As soon as the gas concentration exceeds 10% of the lowest explosive limit of the gas-air mixture, the fan automatically switches on and a warning light on the outside of the hazardous substance container switches on. If the gas-air mixture exceeds 20%, the gas alarm sounds automatically and immediately interrupts the power supply to all electrical devices inside.

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