07/13/2005 • Automation • Industrial PCs

A fresh wind for the configuration of compact enclosures

With the launch of the compact system enclosure CM Compact-Medium, Rittal now offers a comprehensive new enclosure series for the configuration of compact controllers, featuring an extensive range of interior installation and cable entry options. As an alternative to the large enclosures in the AE series and as a successor to the AK series, the Rittal CM is sure to impress users, thanks to its compatibility with TS 8 installation components and the extensive range of Rittal system accessories. Special rails for interior installation which are attached to the enclosure side panels using existing threaded bolts ensure maximum flexibility. TS 8 system punchings support the mounting of TS 8 installation components such as punched sections with mounting flanges, punched rails and support strips. Further benefits include more space, more stability and more options for cable entry, thanks to the large opening in the base and the numerous possible combinations of the gland plates. Use of the modular TS 8 base/plinth system also offers significant functional advantages.
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