05/12/2015 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection

blueMatic EAV3

Aug. Winkhaus: blueMatic EAV3 - Motorized Automatic Locking System

blueMatic AV3 is an innovative solution for entrance doors. The electronic automatic locking system offers innovative hooks with combined sealing elements which make for a smooth yet even stronger seal. A central magnetic trigger enables a smooth locking mechanism: The door is already locked simply by closing it. An optional daytime latch can be easily mechanically activated with a handle and serves to hold the door open briefly, much like a conventional door strike. blueMatic EAV3 can be controlled with potential-free contacts – by fingerprint, radio or other systems.

If there is a power failure, the lock can also be locked and unlocked using a key. The locking system can optionally include a drive unit to rotate revolving doors  an ideal function for facilities such as hotel or hospitals. blueMatic EAV3 also works with this solution to ensure burglar resistance in compliance with DIN EN 1627–30 resistance class 2. It is the only security door lock on the market to have a daytime latch with a change-over function integrated into a single component in the keep.

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