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Basler ace acA1300-60g

Basler ace GigE cameras with powerful 1.3 MP e2v CMOS Sensors

Basler's successful ace camera series is already known for its broad range of available sensors and diversity of special features, including sequencers, color measurement features and large (56 MB) internal memory.

And Basler is still working on making the ace series even more versatile, offering customers a larger palette of new models and opportunities. As part of this, new ace GigE cameras will be available with the 1.3 MP Sapphire and Ruby CMOS sensors from e2V.

acA1300-60gm: 1.3 MP, 60 frames per second, mono
acA1300-60gc: 1.3 MP, 60 frames per second, color
acA1300-60gm NIR: 1.3 MP, 60 fps, mono with increased sensitivity in the NIR range

The cameras stand out for their low noise levels and very high sensitivity levels. As such the cameras are suited for a variety of applications, such as factory automation, semiconductor and electronics production, bar code and print scanning and traffic monitoring.

The 1.3 MP NIR camera, combined with the EV76C661 sensor optimized for global shutter mode, delivers optimal images with a quantum efficiency of > 50 percent even at a wavelength of 850 nm. This translates into significant reductions in system lighting costs. It also allows for very good images even when working with poor or fluctuating lighting conditions or during night-time hours. The camera is especially well suited for surveillance and biometric tasks, as well as applications in intelligent traffic systems and the solar industry.

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