03/11/2022 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Raman spectrometer C15471

Mini Raman spectrometer with more accurate results especially for non-polar substances

Hamamatsu's C15471 is a mini Raman spectrometer module with a laser diode that provides 50 mW of power. The tripling of power compared to the previous model enables more accurate measurement results at lower concentrations of Raman-active molecules, especially for non-polar substances.

In addition, the C15471 operates in a broader wavelength range that now also includes substances such as wax, fats or fragrances or flavors dissolved in alcohol. In addition, the Raman spectrometer can also be used without a sample holder for open-path measurements, for example in outdoor soil composition studies. In addition to the optics, Hamamatsu provides free evaluation software with its latest Raman spectrometer.

The C15471 mini-spectrometer includes optical elements, image sensor and sample holder in a compact, lightweight housing, making it versatile. OEM manufacturers and users of portable systems in outdoor applications, for example, will benefit from this.

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