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ACE industrial shock absorbers suitable for extreme sub-zero temperatures / MAGNUM LT series: High damping power at lowest temperatures

Even extremely low temperatures cannot leave new MAGNUM series cold
At the Motek 2011fair, ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH launched the lower end of its range of MAGNUM industrial shock absorbers which many designers regard as the industry standard. However, it is not smaller machine component of this successful family that will be presented but the "lower" refers to models which will reliably operate even at the lowest temperatures. The members of the new LT (low temperature) family can be used in environments where the thermometer drops down to –50°C. Amongst other things, this is made possible by the use of special oil and special seals.

ACE has ensured that the new MAGNUM components will safely and reliably decelerate masses even at sub-zero temperatures. Realising 100% energy dissipation, they will prevent damage due to impact, reduce noise and, above all, increase machine performance due to excellent braking power. The new shock absorbers, which are either adjustable or self-adjusting, are available with an external thread of M45 x 1.5 and can absorb energy in the range of 340 Nm to 1,170 Nm.

The LT series products are available with strokes between 25 mm and 75 mm both in a conventional version made of hardened steel and a V4A stainless steel variant. This makes them ideal for use in deep-freeze warehouses and for outdoor and offshore applications. Since ACE previously introduced a HT series for extremely high temperatures, MAGNUM shock absorbers are now available for ambient temperatures ranging from –50°C to +150°C. So, any user can now benefit from the advantages of these shock absorbers which even ten years after they were introduced are still regarded as innovative. Compared to their predecessors and many usual commercial industrial shock absorbers of the same design size, the MAGNUM absorbers to this day stand out with a 50% higher energy absorption, a larger piston surface and an increase of the effective mass by up to 200%. The key to this is the membrane reservoir, also called an accumulator, which serves as a compensating element for the oil displaced in the absorber.

As the Langenfeld specialists can supply a large variety of accessories designed for specific, tasks including the new MAGNUM absorbers, there is almost no limit to the designer's imagination. The adjustable versions of the Magnum range, weighing just over one kilogram can be adjusted from either end giving a wide variety of installation possibilities.

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