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Gas springs: Tailor-made tandems support hand force

For the first time, ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH exhibits the new range of so-called tandem gas springs at Motek 2011. In contrast to conventional gas springs, the innovative type GST-40 springs operate with two pressure chambers which are quasi connected in series. The two cylinders with a diameter of 40 mm are filled with different volumes of nitrogen gas and in addition to the resulting two-part and stepped curve characteristic; they have different strokes and applied forces. For example, the more powerful cylinder of the type GST-40-50-150 spring can exert a force of 2,500 N, while the force in the less powerful cylinder is just 900 N. This makes it now possible to securely and easily lift even heavy flaps and hatches with a large opening angle from the horizontal.

While the traditional models supplied by ACE and other vendors required a characteristic curve with a very high starting force to push heavy flaps from the horizontal position, the new tandem gas springs work considerably more efficiently. The principle is as follows: In the horizontal position, the centre of gravity is located farthest from the fulcrum, whereas in the vertical position it is located exactly above it. Because of this, the pushing force required becomes ever lower throughout the travel. The advantage of the two series-connected gas springs is not apparent during the upward movement, but is very obvious during the downward movement. While using a single-stage gas spring with a high pushing force that same force needs to be overcome by a high hand force at the start of the closing movement, the hand force necessary is much less than half when using an ACE tandem gas spring.

The GST-40 Tandem gas spring is the result of a joint project to satisfy a customer’s requirements and typical of ACE’s aim to find a solution. The tandem model is now a standard product available with seven different stroke combinations ranging from 50 mm to 400 mm and new models can be developed to suit special applications. Other variants, including stainless steel versions, complete with matching standardised fittings are available on request from your partner for damping solutions. Like many of the solutions provided by ACE, the new gas springs are designed for individual adjustment to the customer's requirements. After all, business partners also work better in tandem.

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