04/28/2011 • Security Management, Access Control, Time Attendance

New CES key head now also for all conventional key section series

Velbert (Germany) – Early April 2011, CES will fully convert production to the new key head shape. With this, all keys of conventional key section series will become available in the new, modern appearance. The geometry of the key was de-signed to permit the combination of the key with a very large variety of protective armatures with cylinder cover and door sections with plug hole only.


After the positive market response to the new round key design of its reversible keys, CES decided to accelerate the conversion of its production, the adaptation of its machinery and tooling and the IT integration.

Functionality, modernity, and a high-value look and feel are the characteristic features of the new design. With its easy-to-read embossed trademark logo, the circular slogan "Made in Velbert – Germany", and the value proposition "Quality since 1840" on the reverse side, the new key is unmistakably CES, making it an especially valuable medium of communication.

Apart from the positive response to the new design, the well engineered function and the tangible customer benefit in the daily use of the key have contributed to the successful launch of the new CES key head. The solid nickel-silver key is excep-tionally handy and a guiding groove along the entire cylinder plug ensures the positive transfer of the key torque to help prevent breaking.

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