06/29/2004 • Microscopy / Imaging

Digital Image Management For All Platforms

Introducing ImageAccess Enterprise and the product
family ims, Imagic brings Digital Image Management to a professional level for large networks in industrial, medical and Bio/Med environments. Native support for Oracle and SQL Server image archives, a complete user and access rights management and the availability of images and
related meta data on all client platforms Windows, Mac and Linux via Java based archive browsers are the backbone of this highly flexible approach to Digital Imaging.

Many digital imaging systems on the market provide a lot of functionality for specialized environments, typically on single workstations or in small networks. But when the number of acquired images and meta data and the number of concurrent users tend to increase, the technical requirements for such a system change dramatically, as
  • support for professional database systems like SQL Server or Oracle or a detailed user and access management are mandatory,
  • expansion to multiple lab and office workstations requires support for heterogeneous image sources and access to image data also from non-Windows platforms,
  • compliance and data exchange with administrative customer applications like LIMS are required.
These specifications can only be met with a modular, scaleable Digital Image Management System, which is laid out to grow with customer needs.

Technical Specifications:
  • Scaleable system from single workstation to large networks
  • Web-based, platform independent image and meta data viewer
  • Native support for MS SQL server and Oracle databases
  • Extensive user and access rights management
  • Flexible system with more than 40 specific function modules
  • Wide set of communication interfaces with external applications
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