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Down Holder dampers for the toolmaking industry and automotive industry / Down Holder dampers for pressing tools / TUBUS profile dampers

TUBUS profile dampers from ACE now also available as Down Holder dampers for pressing tools
ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH has developed new, Down Holder dampers for pressing tools. This was necessary because the PU springs used for this purpose previously in the automotive industry no longer satisfy new requirements for faster pressing, e.g. forming body parts; be-cause the higher return speed after panel forming causes the accruing forces to increase as well. As a result of this acute problem, vehicle manufacturers approached ACE with the job of developing Down Holder dampers that are intended to protect the retaining bolts, and thus the tools themselves, when the press is opened after the pressing procedure. The purpose of the bolts is to secure the Blank holder, which weighs several tons and is taken up by the upper tool part in the return movement, against falling out. Because PU springs literally crumbled in situ within a short time under the new conditions, the retaining bolts, tools and Blank holder were without any protection. The retaining bolts broke off and caused production losses and considerable costs for repairing the tools.

Special Down holder dampers for the various retaining bolt diameters from M10 to M30 were then developed at ACE's Langenfeld plant. A comparison of the TUBUS Down Holder-dampers developed here, which are made of co-polyester elastomer, and PU springs showed under static conditions that the total energy of the ACE products, and in particular the absorbed energy, is clearly higher than that of the PU dampers. The maximum energy absorption here was between 5 and 269 Nm. Under the actual dynamic conditions vehicle manufacturers even certify that the profile dampers exceed the resuts for their predecssory almost threefold. This increases the service life and the operational safety of the presses, and they are able for the first time to use their full speed over a longer period.

As other pleasant side effects from the use of these innovative Down Holder dampers from the group of ACE's TUBUS profile dampers, users reported a lower setting behaviour and that the presses now work considerably more quietly than before through the use of these special TUBUS dampers.

You will find ACE and the Down Holder dampers and many other innovative solutions for braking kinetic energy, for damping impacts and for insulating oscillations from 4-8 April 2011 at the Hanover Industrial Fair, Hall 16, Stand G15. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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