11/20/2007 • Image processing / Optical metrology

e2v ELiiXA quad-linear line scan camera

e2v EliiXA – quad-linear line scan camera for industrial inspection

The new EliiXA multilinear camera is a 4K pixel (4096 pixels) camera, combining advanced features like row spacing of only 2 pixels (centre to centre), a line rate of 18 kHz enhanced blue response and three lines (RGB) or four lines (RGB plus a fourth line either monochrome or NIR).

The company claims that the arrangement of one 4K pixel line per colour with smart management of space correction, yields a true resolution of 4K and a high Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), higher than single or dual line cameras utilising interpolation techniques.

e2v explained that when compared to trilinear cameras, the ELiiXA is the only camera with a high-speed of 18000 lines per second coupled with a minimal row spacing of 10 microns. This reportedly allows it to be more flexibly positioned in the system at angles that can be slightly away from 90° to the object.

Blue response is also boosted, due to e2v’s image sensor back-thinning process technology, providing the user with a wider choice of lighting options.

The ELiiXA camera is ideally suited to web inspection (such as printing or currency), surface inspection (printed circuit board, wood, tiles), scanning (high-end document processing, film scanning, postal sorting etc.) and any inspection within food, pharmaceutical, medical and packaging systems. The embedded NIR channel is of special interest for the food sorting and the film/document scanning segments.

The ELiiXA cameras will be available in three versions; one tri-linear version (RGB), two quad-linear versions RGB-monochrome and RGB-NIR. Each version will be available in full pixel rate (320 MHz) and in half pixel rate (160 MHz).

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