Process technology

Systems and Components

Here, we introduce large systems, hand-held apparatus and the components from which they are constructed. These include, for example: fittings, containers, seals and hoses.

Mechanical process technology

Bulk goods of all types – and everything in connection – are covered under this heading. Such as: Filtration, separation, comminution, mixing, compacting, filling and feeding.

Process technology / Maintenance

In this section, we deal with engineering /services, maintenance, servicing, turnaround and cleaning tech.

Thermal process tech

High-temperature and refrigerated applications are at the heart of this category, together with cutting technology, desiccation and heat transfer, catalysis, technical gases and materials tech.

Pumps and Compressors

Pumps and compressors are amongst the main components in process tech. Compressed air equipment and leakage localisation are further topics under this heading.

Process automation / MSR technology

The main keywords in this section are drive technology, asset management, HMI, industrial communications, metrology, software, controls and weighing.