12/06/2005 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Viscom S6056 – The New AOI Generation Uses Parallel Inspection to Double Throughput

At the Productronica 2005, the new Viscom high-speed inspection system S6056 for the automatic optical inspection of printed-circuit boards will be presented to the public for the first time. The absolute highlight of this system is the implementation of new inspection concepts, such as the parallel inspection of two printed-circuit boards by means of a double-track system.

The AOI system S6056 from Viscom is the logical further development of the proven and successful S6055. In addition to the use of 4M sensor technology and the easy to use and comprehensive operating environment with EasyPro, it shines with numerous new features.

The absolute highlight are the three different inspection concepts which can be implemented on this system, depending on the customers requirements. In addition to selective inspection using single or double-tracks, this machine also offers the possibility of parallel inspection to meet very high throughput rate requirements. This system configuration is fitted with a double-track and two sensor modules, permitting the simultaneous inspection of two printed-circuit boards per transport lane. And there are no size limitations on PCBs up to 457 x 355 mm (18“ x 14“), either. And on top of this, there is an integrated shuttle available for the twin-track, both on the input side, as well as the output side, thereby obviating the need for external switching points for use in single-line production.

Having an integrated switchgear cabinet with a hinged frame, the S6056 also offers increased ease of maintenance. Customers are also particularly pleased with the shorter delivery times, which have been achieved by the use of increased modularity and standardization of the design, as well as the shorter installation times.
All of the tried and tested Viscom features are still available: subsequent data analyses in combination with Viscom post-classification, SPC and of course, EasyPro, result in a powerful tool for real-time process optimization. Powerful OCR software is available for optical character recognition tasks and second-source verification purposes.

This system is also 100 per cent lead-free capable – this is ensured by the algorithm rules-based analysis, which is capable of obtaining optimum results under even highly varying contrast conditions.
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