A Comprehensive Training and Testing Programme for X-Ray Operators from Renful

Renful Premier Technologies offer a complete solution for the training and testing of x-ray operators with our suite of innovative products – TREFOX and SIMFOX.

TREFOX (Training Essentials for X-Ray) has been developed to provide an essential introduction to the subject of Security X-ray Screening for newly recruited personnel. TREFOX is a complete computer based training programme, featuring video, audio, photographic images, text and animation to maintain the interest of the newly recruited screener and so ensure an effective assimilation of the information. It consists of 10 chapters on a variety of subjects from the nature of x-rays, features of the x-ray machine, to health and safety considerations and operating procedures.

On completion of training with TREFOX, staff are then ready to move on to using SIMFOX, the most advanced training and testing simulator for x-ray operators currently available on the market. SIMFOX has numerous unique features, including our Image Processing software, which enables the Instructor to create an infinite variety of computer-generated training and testing bags that can be used to take your staff through a series of increasing complex exercises on the Training Simulator. Simfox is the only system available that provides this specialised feature, allowing employees to be presented with fresh items, which constantly challenge their interpretational skills, whilst removing their ability to rely on memory to identify threat items. This is combined with a sophisticated and comprehensive statistical reporting system which enables management to monitor staff skill levels at all times.

In use with many prestigious organisations worldwide, including the Houses of Parliament, London, San Francisco Airport, the Metropolitan Police and the Office of the Prime Minister, Israel, these programmes offer the only truly comprehensive training and ongoing testing programme for operators currently available anywhere.
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