12/06/2005 • Automation • Industrial PCs

Development kit brings OLED optical performance, power efficiency, and low-profile benefits to cost-sensitive applications

Anders Electronics has opened the way for cost-sensitive end user products to benefit from OLED display technology, with a value-for-money development kit that also contains source code for firmware as well as extensive application notes. The new kit reduces the cost of entry to OLED technology, and aids rapid integration of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Pictiva™ OLEDs into a wide range of electronic displays.

Interest in the use of OLEDs to create extremely low profile and also flexible displays with outstanding viewing characteristics is growing quickly. Advantages include a wide viewing angle with no deterioration throughout an extended viewing cone, as well as vivid colours and high contrast ratio. Single-colour, monochrome and full colour displays are available in a variety of sizes and formats, including full motion video displays.

This high optical performance, combined with power-efficient operation, creates exciting opportunities for designers of personal electronic products including wearable electronics, portable instruments, industrial and scientific equipment, retail terminals, automotive displays and many other types of products.

The OSRAM Pictiva Reference Design Kit from Anders Electronics provides a turnkey hardware platform that allows designers to quickly power up, initialise, test various modes, and display images on the on-board OLED module via a host desktop or laptop PC. A user friendly PC interface is also provided, supporting useful functions including contrast level adjustment and gamma tables.

The board includes a 128 x 64 pixels OSRAM Pictiva OLED display, 8051 microcontroller and on-board serial flash memory, enabling designers to quickly begin developing software. The kit also includes GUI reference design and graphics generation source code for firmware, plus necessary cables and comprehensive documentation. Electronic documents provided include driver data sheets, users manual and seven application notes guiding designers through OLED driver register setup, communication protocols, power, image and lifetime optimisation, plus further essential knowledge to complete an OLED design. Schematics, gerber files and bill of materials are also included, to speed up hardware development.

The 128 x 64 pixels OLED display provided on board the Pictiva development kit has 100 nits luminance, 160° viewing angle, 100:1 contrast ratio, and operating temperature range -30° to 70° C.

A wide range of similar OLED display modules are also available from Anders Electronics, in popular display formats including 80x48, 96x36, 96x64 and 128x48, as well as 128x64.
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