12/02/2005 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Zetasizer Nano delivers fully automated protein characterization

Malvern’s Zetasizer Nano is a powerful easy-to-use protein characterization tool that uses dynamic light scattering (DLS) to rapidly and accurately measure particle size. Offering exceptional sensitivity and accuracy, it allows the size and molecular weight of protein molecules as small as 1000 Daltons to be measured. Its high sensitivity and precision temperature control are critical factors that allow thermally dependent structural changes to be detected at very low volumes and concentrations.

Coupled with the Malvern Instruments MPT-2 Autotitrator, the Zetasizer Nano provides fully automated protein characterization, encompassing measurement of particle size, zeta potential and molecular weight.

The Zetasizer Nano is being used for applications which include: optimizing protein crystallization conditions; measuring at true concentrations used in research environments; determining absolute molecular weight and polydispersity; assessing the importance of the second virial coefficient; and characterizing protein homogeneity by dynamic light scattering.

The system has been designed specifically to meet the low concentration and sample volume requirements in pharmaceutical and biomolecular applications, as well as the high concentration requirements for colloidal applications. Satisfying this unique mix of demands is achieved through the integration of a backscatter optical system and the design of a novel cell chamber.

The use of the MPT-2 Autotitrator facilitates automated pH, additive, dilution and conductivity titrations. Its use is illustrated in an Application Note entitled ‘Automated protein characterization with the MPT-2 autotitrator’ which examines the effects of pH on the size and charge of a typical protein molecule (bovine serum albumin) and is freely downloadable from the knowledge base on Malvern  Instruments’ website at
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