ÄKTAxpress™ is an intelligent and robust system for high-throughput protein purification

ÄKTAxpress™ is an intelligent and robust system for high-throughput protein purification and together with our prepacked media columns provides an integrated purification solution. ÄKTAxpress comes in two formats for tagged protein purification or ÄKTAxpress MAb for purification of monoclonal antibodies.

A standard ÄKTAxpress package consists of two or four modules that can either work on the same or on different protocols. A system can be extended to include 12 modules which, are all controlled from the same computer. Every module has a fixed configuration that consists of the system pump, an air sensor, a UV detector (280 or 254 nm), a conductivity detector and an integrated fraction collector for 96 deep well plates. All necessary items, such as valves, sample loops and tubing, are pre-installed.

ÄKTAxpress for tagged protein purification can handle protocols with up to 4 purification steps: affinity (AC), desalting (DS), ion exchange (IEX), gel filtration (GF) and tag removal. An optional on column tag removal step can be integrated in the purification protocol for a broad range of proteases, both untagged and tagged.

A two module ÄKTAxpress MAb can automatically perform single or two step purification of up to 8 monoclonal antibodies per run. When used with our prepacked, alkali-stable HiTrap MabSelect SuRe? columns offer the highest possible purity for clinical screening.

- Throughput - The easy-to-use system allows the purification of 8 samples or more depending on the system configuration and protocol.
- Pure capacity - Get up to 50 mg amounts of pure target protein depending on the columns and with optimized protocols, the system delivers proteins of > 95% purity and in-built cleaning procedures minimizes contamination risks.
- Intelligence - No chromatography experience is required. The hardware, easy-to-use software wizards and prepacked media do the work to deliver pure proteins.
- Automation - UNICORN™ software simplifies set-up and allows unattended operation. The method wizard makes it easy to create method plans and can create protocols with up to four different purification steps. Robust algorithms and combinations of watch commands automatically process interesting protein peaks.
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