12/02/2005 • Laboratory appliances

Mastersizer 2000

The Mastersizer 2000 laser diffraction-based particle size analyzer has advanced particle size measurement to the point where it is a simple, straightforward and truly routine task - and it has done so without compromising the integrity and reliability of the results.

It was developed to meet modern industry’s needs for global comparability of results, regulatory compliance, maximum efficiency in the laboratory and optimum deployment of skilled personnel. In support of these requirements, the Mastersizer 2000 is fully automated and easy to use, and delivers clear information based on standardized procedures.

Using the Mastersizer 2000, rapid and reliable particle sizing of materials in the range 0.02 m to 2000 m is made easy, for a wide variety of sample types. The system incorporates advances in engineering and electronics that deliver high resolution and an extended measurement range. The optical bench includes a RapidAlign facility that ensures measurements are continually optimized to provide absolute reproducibility.

To eliminate variation between users, the Mastersizer 2000 Wizard leads the operator through the measurement process from first principles. The system also provides for step-by-step establishment of multiple Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for different samples. A library of SOPs is supplied for routine analyses.

Variations in sample handling are eliminated through the use of fully automated dispersion modules which control all aspects of this procedure. A choice of sample dispersion units means that the same instrument works for all types of sample. A novel ‘Plug and Play’ cassette system allows two sample dispersion units to be simultaneously connected. New units can be interchanged with a single-handed operation. The Mastersizer 2000 automatically recognizes the new sample dispersion unit, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone set up, and is ready to run immediately.

Malvern’s QSpec Validation Package ensures complete traceability with all necessary documentation for users operating in regulated environments.

The robustness of the Mastersizer 2000 means that extensive training is not required to enable personnel to make reliable particle size measurements. Built-in software guidance ensures that even new users can be confident in dealing with a variety of sample types and dispersion units. The software control minimizes time spent on set-up and operation, and parameters can be pre-defined even down to the detail of cleaning routines, multiple measurements and automatic result print outs.

Full applications support includes documentation and procedures for particular industries. Remote diagnostics means that Malvern’s service specialists can access and control instruments via telephone lines to minimize down time and inconvenience.



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