02/15/2005 • Sensor Technology

Turn Up the Heat! New infrared temperature sensor requires no cooling in high ambient temperatures

Raytek, a leading worldwide provider of infrared thermometry, introduces its new MIH non-contact infrared temperature sensor. The MIH has a measurement range of minus 40° to 600°C, and can be installed in environments with ambient temperatures up to 180°C without the need for costly water or air cooling accessories. Such cooling accessories not only add installation and maintenance costs, they can leak and contaminate products, or condensation produced by cooling can obscure the sensor’s field of view and interfere with measurement accuracy. In addition, the MIH sensor includes a Teflon coated cable to withstand exposure to harsh chemical environments.

The sensor’s compact size allows seamless integration into existing control equipment or OEM systems. It includes an optional RS485 interface, which allows up to 32 sensors to be networked in a multi-drop configuration with just two wires, reducing installation costs and facilitating the design of custom equipment. Optional Raytek DataTemp software enables easy remote monitoring, data collection, and analysis.

The Raytek MIH sensor can be used in a broad range of process monitoring applications, including heat treatment, thermoforming, glass production, paper mills, printing, converting, paint booths, drying, and food processing, among others.
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