The Strength of Distributed Intelligence

The Italian company O.C.E.M. S.p.A., supplying design and manufacturing of control systems for airport lighting, has recently developed a revolutionary system for the management and monitoring of the security and surveillance of large areas, called Smart Security System.

The architecture of the system is based on the idea of distributed elaborated intelligence. Distributed intelligence means the information coming from the security systems is elaborated directly by active field units and supervised by remote. With this system the operative personnel will be called only to solve real risk situations.

The system consists of Peripheral Units (PU) and one Base Unit (BU)

The Peripheral Units acquire the information in the field coming from the security systems (anti-intrusion, video surveillance, access control, communication, etc.), then integrate and elaborate the information according to a tailored programmed logic.

The communication protocol is the widespread TCP/IP standard, compatible with the connections via Internet.

All units communicate through Fibre Optic cable, for distance up to 30 km; Wi Lan radio, telephone connection, etc., can be used, in alternative or at the same time, increasing the connection reliability.

The central element of the PU is the Smart Alarm Controller SAC consisting of a PC microprocessor.

SAC is able to manage up to 48 alarm signals or multiple of 48 and therefore it is possible to connect a great number of sensors of different type and characteristics, analogical and digital.

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