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RM CANlink RFID 2001

RM CANlink RFID 2001 makes it possible to integrate RFID technology within a CAN network. In the name of systematic automation, it is becoming more and more important to automatically identify people or products. By electronically reading data, production or logistics processes can be controlled and logged. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enables the possibility of storing relatively large amounts of data to small and robust storage devices (a.k.a. transponders).

It is not necessary to have a direct line-of-sight in order to read or write data to the transponder. Likewise, other less favorable environmental factors, such as dust and moisture, do not impair the readability of the transponder.

With its newest CAN interface, CANlink RFID 2001, RM Michaelides has made it possible to integrate an RFID-reading device into a CAN network for the first time in RM’s history. From inside its rugged, compact plastic housing, CANlink RFID 2001 can read from or write to a variety of different transponder types. With the device’s integrated antenna, it is possible to read or write to the transponder from a distance of up to 90mm (ISO 15693 – Transponder). With Transponders that follow the ISO 14443, such as the popular Mifare Transponder, a range of 50mm is possible. Because of the anti-collision function of the transponders, you may have multiple transponders located within range, all at the same time.

CANlink RFID 2001 can be run in two different modes – cyclic and manual. In cyclic mode, transponders inside the readable range can be cyclically enquired for information, and in manual mode, enquiries can be manually configured and sent to the transponder via the CAN Bus. CANlink RFID 2001 uses standard commands for reading/writing to or from the transponder. Authentication happens transparently without the need for user interaction. CANlink RFID 2001 can be utilized in mobile applications (vehicles, industrial machines), as well as stationary applications (buildings, campuses). It is suitable not only for access control, but also for the recognition (or authentication) of smart labels that have been placed on products or other items.

CANopen can also be integrated into this solution by customerrequest. Also optionally, digital input/output functionality can also be built into the device and be used to assist in the connection of peripheral devices.
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