AmpliGrid™ AG480 F

The AmpliGrid™ format is an ideal platform for forensic casework. There is a convincing combination of economic as well as scientific advantages associated with it.

Touch evidence / Low copy number stain analysis
  • The AmpliGrid™ improves the sensitivity of kits such as PowerPlex®16 (Promega) or SGMplus® (Applied Biosystems). Complete allelic profiles can be obtained at 50pg as shown with diluted reference DNA (9947A, Promega).
Single cell analysis
  • The unique geometry of the AmpliGrid™ allows direct placement of single cells onto the AmpliGrid anchor spots. Lysis and amplification take place in the same compartment without further pipetting steps.
Single cell casework
  • Single cell amplification yields complete allelic profiles based on at least 5 cells (30pg of DNA) resolving mixtures of different individuals.
  • Single cell amplification provides a quantitative method to calibrate forensic kits and procedures. Performance can be reliably calibrated in terms of genome equivalents as opposed to DNA dilution series where actual DNA copy numbers are subject to statistical fluctuations at very low concentrations.


  • Sensitivity of standard kits is boosted due to highly efficient PCR inside the reaction droplet. Unique droplet and slide geometry as well as surface chemistry ensure near 100% template usage resulting in full allelic profiles at minimum sample amounts.
  • A reaction volume of 1µl allows more than 10-fold volume reduction per test of standard amplification kits while still yielding the same results.
  • The surface tension which confines the reagent droplet forms an effective protective shield against airborne contaminants and cross contamination from adjacent anchor spots.
  • The glass slide format allows reliable optical inspection of the sample (positive identification with a standard microscope) prior to amplification.
Integrated solution
  • DNA samples or components of the reaction mix can be lyophilized and stored on the chip in the lab.
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