05/05/2004 • Automation • Process automation / MSR technology

Infrared Radiation Pyrometer CT15.10

HEITRONICS introduces at Hannover Fair / INTERKAMA (19. - 24.04.04) the new extremely rugged infrared radiation pyrometer CT15.10 for non contact temperature measurement from -25 °C to 900 °C (spectral range 8-14_m) with long term stability and high accuracy (0.7%).

Because of the resistance stainless steel housing with NEMA 6 rating, even aggressive site conditions, such as acids and caustic solvents, cannot affect the equipment.
The heavy duty version can be used even in ambient temperatures up to 320°C.

The field of application for the CT15.10 covers the entire range of industrial processes, such as manufacturing and processing of rubber, plastics, ceramic, paint, food and textiles.

Key features of the CT15 are: very fast response time of 30 ms, spot size diameter down to 1.7 mm and the integrated focus-laser shows the real field-of-view.

All parameters for temperature range, analog output, peak and valley piker, emissivity setting, background compensation and so on, are programmable via digital interface.

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