09/09/2005 • Video security and monitoring

Long Range IR Camera provides 24/7 Surveillance

Wavelet Technology (WTL) announces the Discoverii infrared camera for physical security and perimeter surveillance. It is ideal for secure premises, airports, ports, pipelines and transportation environments; providing high quality images at all times under any light conditions.

Well known for its Wavestore range of high performance digital video recorders, WTL determined that whilst there are many high performance cameras available, there are no cost effective night vision systems available for object identification for distances from 150 metres to 2000 metres.

Discoverii addresses this problem by providing superb real-time colour images during daylight, and grey-scale natural contrast, real-time zoom video images in total darkness. Furthermore the camera delivers this performance over an operating range up to 1500 metres under total darkness and adverse weather conditions. The natural contrast image is far superior to passive illumination technologies, and is zoom-able throughout its range in seconds.

The camera is ideal for covert applications since it utilises a laser light that operates below the visible spectrum to illuminate the target area. The low level infrared laser is synchronised to an infrared sensitive camera, and combined with proprietary filtering and software algorithms, that enables the operator to view live images, (similar to that seen with the beam of a torch-light), whilst the subject has no idea that they are being monitored.

A further problem experienced with active infrared systems is the narrow field of view that makes navigation and orientation difficult. A complementary software programme called OMNII automatically records thousands of pictures and stitches these together to forma comprehensive panoramic image in 5/10 minutes. This provides the user with a navigable (PTZ) real-time night image integrated in a static full perspective view, and the capability to follow a target along a road, railway, pipeline, shipping lane or building structure.

Discoverii offers excellent performance with small optical apertures and high magnification that makes it ideal for target recognition, identification and intelligence gathering. Unlike active IR technology based on lamps and bulbs, its laser illuminator has a significantly longer life and is relatively maintenance free.

Weighing just 15 pounds and being less that fifteen inches wide and fifteen inches long, Discoverii is easy and affordable to deploy, and can be controlled in a similar manner to standard PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras.

The combination of Discoverii and Omnii addresses the two fundamental shortcomings of current night vision security systems that are operating range and loss of context and orientation. It is a cost effective and easily deployable solution that is easily integrated with the Wavestore digital video recording system.
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