09/07/2005 • Laboratory appliances

AvaRaman Spectrometer System

Avantes extends their existing AvaSpec instrument line and introduces the AvaRaman-TEC, a thermoelectrically cooled Raman spectrometer. This system responses to customer needs for a high resolution (8 cm-1) over a wide wavelength range (100–2300 cm-1). It offers maximum flexibility through coupling to a wide range of fiber optic Raman probes. The system has a thermo-electric cooled CCD detector; TE cooling is capable of 30°C cooling versus ambient conditions and stabilizes in about 90 seconds. The TE-cooling of the CCD detector reduces the dark noise characteristics by a factor of 2–3 and improves the dynamic range by more than 10 times. Together with a high-resolution spectrometer, the resolution performance (8 cm-1) has increased considerably over the standard AvaRaman system (25 cm-1).
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