07/29/2005 • Video security and monitoring

AIRA 2005 from Aimetis - intelligent video analysis in real time

AIRA 2005 is a high-end NVR (Network Video Recorder) with truly integrated intelligence. Aimetis‘ AIRA is designed to help manage large amounts of raw video data. AIRA 2005 simultaneously enables digital video recording, intelligent video analysis and remote access to live and recorded images from any networked computer.

The customized map of your premises displays individual camera location and allows for easy navigation between your cameras or different sites. Simply click on a camera to view a live stream.

Live analysis of video data minimises false alarms

AIRA sees instantly, filters extraneous data and delivers clear information in the blink of an eye. AIRA is based on proprietary tracking algorithms that work in adverse weather conditions, lighting changes and shadows to isolate potential threats and limit nuisance alarms.

AIRA automatically takes action when an event occurs. Events which AIRA can automatically detect and classify include unauthorized movement in pre-defined target zones, illegally parked vehicles, perimeter breaches in high risk areas and more. Through robust motion tracking, AIRA can automatically control Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras to zoom in on objects and track their movements through the scene.

This enables users to review more meaningful archived video data where the PTZ camera automatically zoomed in on interesting events, potentially revealing valuable information such as facial features and license plates. Other actions include automatically playing sounds at the remote location, sending e-mails or notifying security personnel.

Simple overview of your recordings

The Time Graph allows you to view an entire day at a glance. The green segments indicate no relevant activity was detected, yellow indicate there was likely a car or people passing through the scene, and the red indicates an alarm occurred. Clicking on the bar will immediately jump to that segment of video data and display a still image. Hitting the play button will start streaming video from this point onward.

Fast access with search in the archive

Finding some historical video data no longer requires a lot of skill and patience. The ability to intelligently search through days of historical video in the blink of an eye is made possible with this indispensable search tool. Simply highlight the area you want to search and select a start and end time and click „search“. The results are presented in a short movie. A 24h search may result in a 2 minute movie.

AIRA is the most scalable and flexible software available on the market, easing migrations from standalone analogue video networks to intelligent IP based networks. AIRA supports analogue, network and PTZ cameras. Any analogue device can be connected directly to the PC running AIRA, provided a valid capture card is installed.

Our preferred capture card is a Winnov Videum 4400. It is possible to have a hybrid configuration of analogue and network devices. AIRA 2005 is a installable on any PC capable of running Windows 2000 or higher.
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