08/25/2005 • Hygiene

Technology for Patient Hygiene

Meiko is setting completely new standards of cleaning and disinfection technology for nursing care in hospitals and residential care homes where the highest possible standards of responsibility and preparation of care utensils must be exercised.

TopLine, the latest range of cleaning and disinfection equipment from Meiko, Offenburg's leading company, not only represents a high-tech solution for washing, rinsing and disinfecting bed-pans, urine bottles, commode buckets and other care utensils, but also a development which revolutionises everything that has gone before and everything currently offered in the market.

As before, the machines can be supplied as wall-mounted, free-standing or built-in models to meet structural or space requirements; complete care units can also be supplied. All machines are delivered ready for connection to the power supply and so can be quickly and easily installed. Both the standing and cabinet type models can be delivered with manual door operation or as AT models with automatic door opening at the customer's option. The new line is particularly remarkable for their ease of loading, making the nursing staff's job so much easier.

The utensils are positioned in easy-to-use brackets on the appliance's open door outside the wash-chamber. The utensils are emptied automatically in the sealed compartment once the door is closed; emptying is discrete, operator-friendly and avoids the spread of unpleasant odours. Microprocessor controls with optimal fine-tuning to meet hygiene requirements allow the machines to be individually adjusted to match the customer's needs.

The program selected automatically starts at the touch of a button on the brand-new, easy-to-understand switch display. A short, normal or intensive program can be chosen as needed. A new cooling technique allows the utensil to be gripped immediately after the end of the program. The machine's appearance, its impressive power-cleaning system with lifting jets, its ultra-efficient disinfection technology, its drying system, the innovative MIKE.2 controls using infra-red technology and much more are all new.

Its further advantages include the self-cleaning wash-chamber, sound-proofed operation and absolute certainty of achieving a perfect quality of cleanliness and hygiene every time the machine is used.

Everything combines to guarantee the best possible cleaning quality and the most effective standard of disinfection possible.
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