05/02/2005 • Installation

FRELU®-FRO Madeira

The mobile invalid chair FRELU®-Madeira has been developed especially for the private as well as the public living and care quarters. The frame made of steamed beech wood will fit with every living ambience. A well proven, perfected technique and mechanic is – as with all other chairs of the FRELU® program – natural. The 4 castors of the chair - moving without any effort on each pavement – can also be pushed laterally. By this means, the chair is also highly appropriate for small rooms. The back and leg element can be adjusted continuously independent of each other by means of a pneumatic spring. The adjusting lever is provided underneath the arm rest in an easily accessible way. The length of the leg element can be adjusted and the footrest can be folded upwards. Especially developed spring tension elements enable a sitting without fatigue. The scope of delivery includes a lateral implement bag and a head cushion.

Available at extra charge:

Loin cushion, anti-decubitus fur, device for infusion pole and Plexiglas table.

Apart from the Frelu-Fro Madeira, there are further models available. For instance, the Frelu-Fro 100. This chair - also especially designed for the indoor area – is made of a stable powder-coated steel tube frame.
This model is characterised by bolstered arm rests that can be folded-away upwards, a slip on, lockable table and an easy handling head and ear cushion. Of course, the cover fabrics are waterproof and urine-proof and meet with the legal fire protection standards. With the Frelu-Fro 400 (without illustration), there is also a model especially for the outdoor area on offer.
(2 years of guarantee / CE-test mark / meets with the legal fire protection standards / shipping via forwarding agency, freight forward.)
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