08/25/2005 • Medical tech

Siemens Expands Computed Tomography Portfolio

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR); Siemens Medical Solutions announces the new Somatom Emotion 16, significantly expanding their Somatom Emotion product line. This product line has been proven in almost 3,500 installations worldwide, and is thus among the most successful product lines in computed tomography (CT) history. The new Somatom Emotion 16 enables hospitals and private practices with limited budgets or space allocations to install a 16-slice CT.

From a clinical perspective, the new scanner offers every advantage of a modern 16-slice system: image acquisition without movement artifacts thanks to short breath hold times, high diagnostic image quality thanks to a collimation of down to 0.6 mm, a maximum gantry rotation speed of 0.5 seconds, and a comprehensive set of clinical applications. Among these are, for example, syngo LungCare CT with Nodule Enhanced Viewing (NEV) and syngo Colonography with Polyp Enhanced Viewing (PEV) for the computer supported visualization of lung lesions and colon polyps. These can be a pre-stage to cancer. The gantry rotation speed of 0.5 seconds, combined with 16-slice technology, also enables the visualization of small vessels and of cardiac anatomy with ECG-synchronized protocols. For radiation therapy planning, the recently introduced CT Respiratory Gating application permits the visualization of the movement of lung tumors during breathing, and an extended Field of View capability (from 50 cm to 70 cm) is available.
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