06/16/2005 • Metrology • Process automation / MSR technology

Gear type flow meter VC 12 for 2 to 600 l/min (0.5 to 158 gpm)

KRACHT GmbH enlarged its gear type flow meter programme with size VC 12. This new counter covers a measuring flow range of 2 to 600 l/min. With this new development KRACHT opens a new dimension concerning high precision flow measurement over an extremely large turndown ratio up to a flow rate of 600 l/min. The maximum operating pressure is 400 bar. The design of the biggest KRACHT gear meter makes it possible to develop even larger sizes based on the VC 12. the VC 16 will be launched soon!

With the VC 12 KRACHT focus mainly on hydraulic test bench applications. Because of increasing fluid temperatures for several applications KRACHT will improve its high temperature version. With this option, fluid temperatures of higher than 200°C (392° F) can be reached.

Also the KRACHT electronic readouts can always be adapted to the application requirements. With the ASR 20 FM 16 up to 4 gear type flow meters can be evaluated for plotting servo valve curves. The enlargement of the resolution, a special calculation of the zero point of the valve and a very fast analogue output guarantee exact curves.
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