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Refrigerated and Heating Circulators with Innovative Features

With it's three product series Economy, TopTech and HighTech the current Julabo Program of circulators/baths offers a wide range of temperature control solutions for each appplication and all budgets. For further information please see the general catalogue 2004/2005 that can be obtained directly from Julabo or as a PDF-download from the internet.

Circulator with Extensive Features but Economical Price

With the new ME models, Julabo offers economical heating and refrigerated circulators with extensive functions. The ME series is unique in it's class due to it's technical innovations such as external Pt100 sensor connection, PID cascade temperature control, Vacuum Fluorescent Comfort (VFC) display, programmer, 3-point calibration, RS232 interface as well as an early warning system for low liquid level. The pump capacity is electronically adjustable and offers a pressure capacity or flow rate from 0.45 bar or 11–16 l/min. The ME circulator is available with 15 different combinations, starting with the Heating Immersion Circulators and Heating Circulators up to more powerful Heating and Refrigerated Circulators covering temperatures from –88 °C up to +200 °C.

Presto – High Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

Instruments from the Presto series are the ideal solution for highly precise external temperature applications. They offer rapid heating and cooling of external applications and automatic control of endo- or exothermic reactions. Typical applications are temperature control of jacketed reactors, reactor systems, autoclaves as well as distillation and pilot plants. The systems offer a wide temperature range from –85 up to +250 °C within just one unit. The lifetime of the bath fluid is considerably prolonged compared with conventional circulators. Six models with cooling capacities of up to 7 kW are available.
New Calibration Baths
The new calibration baths are perfectly suitable for temperature applications in calibration laboratories and conform to the requirements specified by DIN ISO 9001:2000. The series include models with cooling units for working temperature ranges from –30 up to +200 °C as well as calibration baths
for temperature ranges from
+50 up to +300 °C. The instruments provide very high temperature stability up to +0.005 °C and temperature uniformity better than +0.01 °C. Reference temperature measurements can be carried out with an additional external Pt100 sensor. The VFD Comfort Display shows simultaneously actual value, setpoint as well as reference temperature. A typical application is the highly precise calibration of temperature sensors, measuring devices, thermometers, etc.

Ultra-low Refrigerated Circulators: Maximum Cooling Capacity and Wide Temperature Ranges

he Julabo Ultra-low Refrigerated Circulators offer an exceptionally high heating and cooling capacity especially for applications down to –95 °C. Both air-cooled and water-cooled models are available with a cooling capacity of up to 5,5 kW. The circulators feature powerful circulating pump systems for the temperature control of external applications. The units are provided with an insulated filling nozzle which prevents ice-formation within the circulator's bath and also includes a heated plate that avoids formation of water condensation. As an option the units are available with a bath opening of 28 x 23 cm for internal applications. The possibility to install a HSP booster pump and respectively a HST booster heater allows an increase in the pump capacity to 3.5 bar – 30 l/min and the heater capacity to 9 kW. Furthermore seven more models with an extended temperature range from –91 °C up to +180 °C are available. The units are equipped with castors for easy transportation.

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