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Non return valves with Triple-Lok- and O-Lok-connections

The new catalogue 4101/UK from Parker Tube Fittings Division presents a new product range of  non return valves with Triple-Lok (37°flare connections to ISO 8434-2 / SAEJ514) and O-Lok (O-Ring Face Seal connections to ISO 8434-3 / SAEJ1453).

The two connection standards aqre widely used particularly in mobile equipment from tractors to construction, mining, forestry and municipal equipment.

The principle of the existing a two-part non return valve with an integrated soft sealing element has been proven in many applications in the market. This reliability is the basis for the successful use in applications with Triple-Lok- or O-Lok-connection.

These two connections offer solutions for a wide range of possible applications with different sizes, male threads and cracking pressures like for example:

- protection of components with only one flow direction
- to provide user with minimum pressure (preload valve)
- low pressure by-pass valve
- to avoid return of the fluid after stopping the pump
- shutting off one flow direction
- by-pass valve for filter change


- Reliability proven in thousands of applications
- Combined soft and metal sealing
- leak free due to soft sealing at the cone plus

metal supported sealing at the cone

- Low pressure drop values
- Flexible due to wide range of cracking pressures available
- Internal parts in stainless steel and FPM on request
- 3 different types of male stud threads


- steel, zinc plated with yellow chromate (A3C)
- available sizes 4 to 24 (6 mm to 38 mm O.D. - ¼” to 1 ½” O.D.)
- UNF, BSPP and metric male stud threads
- Cracking pressures 0,2 to 6 bar
- Maximum recommended flow velocity 8 m/sec.
- Nominal pressure Triple-Lok up to PN 350 bar
O-Lok up to PN 400 bar

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