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SpecLine Software: Peak finding and line identification

This high end software is for all scientists and engineers working in the field of spectroscopy, such as astrophysics, plasma science or plasma processing. This tool supports and makes it easy to evaluate spectral data, i.e. finding specific lines in spectra, identifying unknown peaks, identify atomic lines and molecular bands or comparing data from different measurements in spectral data. Almost instantly line peaks and bands will be found automatically using several powerful filter functions and extensive data base for atoms and molecules.

Evaluation of spectral data
The spectral data may be evaluated using a variety of evaluation functions. You can change the display parameter of the spectrum you can adjust the wavelength or you can smooth the data with a filter function.

Comparing spectral data
Spectra comparisation is easily possible in a single diagram. Up to twelve spectra – even with different file formats – can be opened in a single diagram. But still all the spectra may be evaluated by each other independantly.

Peak finding and Line Identification
In the special line identification dialog all the necessary parameters for peak finding and line identification can be easily defined and the line identification process can be started by a single click. In addition noise smoothing and specific filtering is possible to further improve automatic peak finding.

Database Search
After extensive database could be used for simulation too. After molecules and or atoms are selected, the line positions will be shown in the spectrum.
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