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Acoustic Calibrators from Cirrus Research plc

All Cirrus Research plc instruments, from the simple handheld Sound Level Meters, to the Airport and Environmental Noise Analysers are manufactured to meet the requirements of the relevant international standards.

In addition to this, all instruments are factory calibrated to ensure that the overall measurements are correct, and within the tolerances demanded by the standards. For further details of the additional calibration services available, please click here.

The calibration consists of electrical testing of the system to the appropriate accuracy, followed by a final acoustic calibration before the instrument is shipped to the customer.

To ensure that the acoustic calibration is accurate, Cirrus Research plc hold a set of reference equipment. This comprises a reference microphone capsule and a reference pistonphone. Neither of these units are used for the actual calibration of equipment, but are used to provide "transfer standards" and "factory calibration standards" which are used for the final calibration.

This allows the reference units to be used as little as possible, ensuring stability and traceability of the measurements.

The calibration certificate provided with the instruments is a statement of the calibration, and allows the customer to be certain that the instruments will measure the correct levels.

From September 2000, Cirrus Research plc will be offering an additional calibration service. This will provide a UKAS (NAMAS) accreditied calibration certificate, intially for the Class+ microphone capsules and the CR:511E, CR:511F and CR:512 Acoustic Calibrators . Please note that this service is only available once the standard Cirrus Research plc factory calibration has been completed.

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